01 — Purpose

We invest in deep foodtech.

Transformation of the global food system is an urgent necessity for human health, for the climate and for the life on the planet. It is also a massive opportunity for new business.

We believe in solving the hard underlying problems in food and farming with new technology built on scientific discovery and solid engineering – the deep foodtech.

We invest in early-stage companies aiming to radically renew the food system – from the soil to the orbit and from new sources of protein to better ways of eating.

The fund was launched in 2020 and has 42M€ to invest in approximately 20 companies in the Nordics and Baltics.

We are driven by impact and take our responsibility seriously. More about our policy on responsibility here.

02 — Portfolio

Companies we have invested in so far.

Chromologics DK

Next generation of natural food colors through fungal fermentation platform. The flagship product is a sustainable and ethical replacement for red colors derived from crop plants, insects or chemical synthesis.

First investment in 2020


Melt&Marble SE

Juicy fats to erase the taste gap between animal-based and plant-based foods. Melt&Marble has created a beef-like fat using precision fermentation to replace the currently used coconut and palm oils.

First investment in 2021

Enifer FI

The original PEKILO mycoprotein. The company transforms circular economy by-products into planet friendly and cost-competitive drop-in protein ingredient for aquafeed, pet food, and food production.

First investment in 2020

BioMush FI

Sustainable umami from circular ingredients. Unique technology to turn edible side products from the agricultural and food processing into natural, great-tasting and clean label umami for food industry. 

First investment in 2021

Hailia Nordic FI

Great foods from by-catch fish. Hailia brings in new technology to create tasty, healthy, sustainable and affordable food from the under-utilized small fish of the Baltic Sea.

First investment in 2021


Kuva Space FI

Smarter data for a stronger planet. A constellation of nanosatellites equipped with hyperspectral imaging gear will provide global daily data on vegetation and soil for farming.

First investment in 2021


Ruokaboksi FI

Healthier eating made easy. Ruokaboksi streamlines the supply chain of groceries and supports the shift to healthier cooking by bringing locally sourced seasonal ingredients and simple recipes to the front door.

First investment in 2022


Tracegrow FI

Organic fertilizers from used batteries. The proprietary process harvest micronutrients from recycled alkaline batteries and industrial side streams to produce foliar fertilizers with very low carbon footprint.

First investment in 2022


EvodiaBio DK

Natural aroma through precision fermentation. EvodiaBio has solved a bottleneck in production of a range of mono-terpenes sustainably in yeast. The first product will replace water-intensive farming of hops.

First investment in 2022

Äio EE

Sustainable fats from low-value resources. Äio has developed a robust fermentation process to turn side-streams from agriculture, food industry and forestry into high-quality microbial oils and fats.

First investment in 2022

Paras Aqua FI

New concept for sustainable and profitable on-land fish farming. The proprietary Partial Air driven Recirculation Aquaculture System avoids the environmental impacts of traditional fish farming and the capital cost of RAS systems.

First investment in 2023


Announced soon

Our next investment will be announced soon. Meanwhile, we are constantly looking for new deep foodtech companies in the Nordics and Baltics. Reach out if you are looking for funding!

03 — People

We look at food from diverse perspectives.

Louise Heiberg

Investment Director

Experienced foodtech investment professional and foodtech engineer by training, based in Denmark.

Pekka Siivonen-Uotila


Entrepreneur, founder and visionary company builder, who knows the ups and downs of startups.

Lauri Reuter


Venture scientist with a PhD in biotechnology, determined to build radically sustainable future for food.

Jari Tuovinen


Seasoned investor bringing to the table experience in corporate finance and fund management. 

Mika Kukkurainen


Business strategist, concept and brand developer with experience in food industry and retail.

Kaisa Poutanen

Chief Advisor

Academic excellence in food technology and nutrition.

Leena Saarinen


Food industry executive and board professional.

Daniel Skaven Ruben


Impact-driven superconnector working with foodtech investors, startups, and accelerators.

04 — Contact

Best way to get in touch is to fill in the contact form.